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Teqtroniqa fleet management solutions with heavy duty fuel level sensors used in european countries by the military, very accurate and reliable tracking devices and fuel and temperature sensors. Fitted to all makes of trucks, earth moving equipment, stationary diesel tanks or generators. Waterproof tracking devices for all makes of passenger vehicles, ldv's, motorbikes, off road bikes, quad bikes and boats.
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Real time tracking

User friendly platform – for first time and advanced users, could be viewed on PC, tablet or smartphone. •Reports – Fuel, route history, geofence, alerts, events, etc can easily be customized, printed or exported. • Email or SMS notifications on events. • Route replay. • Ignition events. • Receiving important alarms via email, SMS or on the system – like over speeding, fuel theft alarms etc. • Dangerous driving habits addressed. • Driver details. • Driven distance. • Drivers rated and ranked according to their driving style, wasted fuel and efficiency. • Eco driving – Safety and economical analysis of drivers. • Route planning. • Maintenance schedule – service, licence renewal, tires, etc. • Driving time. • Idling time. • Extreme braking events. • Harsh braking events. • Harsh acceleration. • Geofence and zone notifications.

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•Driver identification through driver identification tags • Identify business or private trips •Panic button •Trailer tracking •Doors and cargo door switches •Canbus connection through FMS •Receive data from vehicles computer such as speed, fuel consumption, RPM’s, kilometers etc. •Temperature sensors for refrigeration vehicles •Starter cut combined with RFID driver tags •Push-to-talk – live message system between operator and driver’s phone. Send messages, photos or tasks to driver via the system

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Fuel management

•Fuel consumed •Fuel consumption per 100 km •Fuel wasted •98% precise accurate fuel monitoring •Detailed fuel reports with fuel refill and drainage times and location •Fuel graph with fuel used, drains and refill.

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•Basic monitoring, waterproof device for light vehicles, LDV’s, bikes, quad bikes, RTV’s and boats etc •Advanced fleet management with add on’s like fuel level sensors, driver tags, temperature sensors, door sensors etc. for trucks, earth moving equipment, buses etc.

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Growth and Excellence in Transport Telematics. We enable companies to save costs, time and increase their customer satisfaction by globally providing integrated transport telematics solutions and services, including tracking and fleet management.

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Teqtroniqa fleet management solutions, allows companies which rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs.
We Value Creativity, Responsibility, Cooperation, Honesty.

Teqtroniqa fleet management and fuel monitoring solutions with detailed real-time fuel level and consumption information allows transport managers to prevent and detect fuel theft events. We provide a fleet management solution based on GPS tracking and real-time vehicle monitoring with in-depth knowledge and support from our side. Customers in most African countries. We are based in South Africa and have 20 years experience in the tracking industry.

Minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment. Improve efficiency, productivity and reduce overall transportation and staff costs.

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